Path: Deals > Projections

DealTracker is an accounting tool that shows you financial projections and records based on deals that you have recorded. Brokers can see this information for their entire office; agents can see only information related to their own deals.

The first sub-item in DealTracker is Projections. This is an overview of projected revenue, which you can sort by date, agent, and deal status (pending, under agreement, etc). Sort by clicking the up and down arrows next to each of the sort criteria at the top of the list. You can use this tool to see who your best-performing agents are, their sales totals, totals for your office, top sales, and more. You can also print this data or export it to a CSV file with one click – found in the upper right corner of the Projections view, there are buttons which allow you to “Export to CSV” and to “Print.”

The second sub-item, Past Performance, shows all of the same data sets, but specific only to completed deals. You can choose the date range you wish to view, and can sort the data using a different set of qualifiers, like closed deals, killed deals, and more. You can also view close rates for specific agents, or for your entire office. You can print or export this data as well, with the same buttons.

Tip: If you offer incentives to your agents based on performance, this tool shows you all you need to know in order to calculate their incentives. Also, if you require your agents to use DealTracker, you can use their completed deal values to calculate their commissions.

Lastly, the “Deals” sub-item shows all deals you or your agents have entered into the system. There is a New Deal button shown in the upper right hand corner.

Tip: Create a new lead anytime you create a new deal, even if the deal did not come in through your website, so you can take advantage of the LogicLeads component and related CRM functionality. This will help ensure that you and your agents are consistently following up with your leads.

To add a new deal to DealTracker

Select the Deals tab on the back end of your website
  • Click the Deals button shown below the Past Performance button. Now click the “New Deal” button in the upper right of the page
  • Name the Deal. Chose whether you represent the buy or seller. the name of the lead this deal pertains to in the Lead field, or use the “New Lead”button shown at the top left of the page to create a new lead
  • Add as much information as you can, including notes to save for later use. 


Once the deal has been created, you can add a document to this deal. Simply give the document a name for use in your Boston Logic site, find the file on your computer, and click Upload Document to add this file to the deal. You can download these stored files at any time right from the deal history by clicking the Download link next to each document name shown for this deal.

Tip: If you forget the MLS ID for a property you are adding to a New Deal, you can click the “Lookup MLS Number” link next to the MLS Number field on the New Deal form. This opens a new window in which you can perform a property search and find the correct MLS ID to enter into this field.