Path: Leads > My Leads > Search for the lead > Edit the lead > Add a property

Once logged into the Boston Logic Platform:

1. Go to the Leads Tab and Click on My Leads

2. Click on the Leads name you want to set up a seller report for and click the Edit Button

3. Scroll Down to Properties Owned and Add a Property

4. When you have opened the Properties Owned field add the MLS ID of the property and set the desired search frequency

5. Click Update to finish. 


If you wish to add multiple users (Leads or Contacts) to a Seller Report, see this help document.

1. In the Dashboard, navigate to Properties > Sales Search

2. Type in your listing's criteria. Be as specific as you can so you find only your listing.

3. Click on your exclusive listing.

4. Click on Actions (at the top right) > View Listing Report

  • You can add as many leads and contacts to the subscription list as you wish. Each recipient can have a different frequency for when they receive the report. You click “Save Subscriptions” and the system will send the report out on the frequency that you have stipulated.

Emails are sent in the morning (around 5am EST)

Daily emails are delivered every day.

Weekly are sent on Monday.

Monthly are sent on the 1st of the month.

Quarterly are sent 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1

Emails are not sent immediately on subscribing. The first email the customer will receive will be the next instance of their frequency.