Path: Content > Area Profiles > Create New

1. Create a new Area Profile

2. Name your Area (this will be displayed on the banner image and on the page). 

  • Banner image (Hero Image) is an Image that stretches across the top of the Area profile. To upload the click the choose file button. 

3. Define your Area

  • This can be done by choosing only one of the four options
  1. Town/neighborhood (in the MLS)
  2. Area/County (in the MLS)
  3. Zip Code
  4. Custom Neighborhood (defined in Settings > Custom Neighborhoods)
  • Defining your Area automatically creates a search page, and a market report (if you have market insights)

4. If you wish a summary of area market data to display on the profile check off this option. (This requires the Market insights feature) 

**If your MLS does not feed sold data the information will be on active listings only.

5. This area allows you to enter the embed code for a video that you would like to add. (You can also add an optional header label by entering text in the “Video Header Label” field)

6. Area Features

  1. This allows you to add area features (or attractions) that link to other pages.
  2. In order to create a feature
  •  Click “Add a feature”
    • Enter a Headline (this will display below the Icon)
    • Enter an optional caption (this will display below the headline)
    • Select one of our icons to represent the feature on the profile page
    • Optional Select a CMS page from the drop down menu, or enter an external link in the URL: field (this will make the feature a link to the desired page)

7. Pictures

  • This feature allows you to add a scrolling bank of photos.
    1. Click Add a Picture
    2. Then you can add an optional descriptive headline and an optional caption
    3. You can drag and drop to reorder the images. 

8. Area Description:

  • This part adds any other CMS text content that you would like to add. The editor is the same as the body content editor for Content pages.

9. Map options control the Map on the page. If chosen to be displayed the map will show listings from the MLS in the area.

10. Sub Area Profiles and Nearby Area Profiles

  • Sub areas allow you to create an area with in an area (they will not be linked on /areas page, but the Parent area profile.
    • Sub areas are created from Content > Area Profiles and clicking the “+ New Sub Profile” on any existing Profile or Sub profile.
    • You can have multiple sub areas and you can drag and drop to reorder them
  • Nearby Areas Profiles allow you to provide links to other area profiles on the current profile page. Simply check off the box next to their name and they will be linked to the current profile.

11. Offices

  • If you wish to link an office page to the area profile check off the office and the link will be created

12. Displaying listings on the area page

  1. You can display active and/or Sold listings based on the area.
  2. These can be limited to specific property types by checking off the desired types
  3. If you have a pre-created search page, you can have those listings show on the area profile too. Check off the desired page(s) from the list and they will be displayed.

13. You can also add in Search pages from an existing CMS page to match the criteria listings.