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Uploading a PDF to add to a page

  1. Select the Content tab on the back end of your website; the “Pages”sub-item opens by default

  2. Create a new page, or click “Edit” in the editing menu to the right of an existing page name

  3. Scroll down to the body content editor

  4. Enter the text that you wish to use as a link to the PDF file

    1. Ex. Tenant Handbook, Agreement Papers, etc.

  5. To upload a PDF document

    1. Highlight the text you wish to link to the PDF file (when users click this text, they will be prompted to open or download the PDF file)

    2. Select the “Link” tool icon (this resembles a linked chain, and is located in the fourteenth position from the right in the first row of tools)

    3. Click the “Browse Server” button in the window that subsequently opens

    4. Click “Browse” next to the “Upload a new file in this folder” field at the bottom of the window to browse your computer and select the PDF file to upload

    5. Click “Upload” to send the file to the server

    6. Click the document name once it uploads to the server; it will populate the “Link” tool automatically

    7. Click “OK” to make your selected text a link to your chosen PDF file

** Note: If you want the PDF to open in a new window, before clicking “OK” in the “Link” tool, select the “Target” tab. Choose “New Window” from the “Target” dropdown to set the file to open in a new window.

Note – You may upload several different types of files to add to a page.

File types allowed for upload are: