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Testimonials are optional content blocks that you can create to show off praise your offices and agents get from their customers.

To create a new testimonial, click the Content tab on the back end of your site and then select the Testimonials sub-item. You will see a list of any testimonials already saved, as well as a Create New Testimonial button.

Click this to begin.

Enter the name of the person who gave the testimonial in the Person field, and enter their address in the Address field (both are optional).

Add any text you wish to show in the Testimonial field.

Testimonials can be associated with an agent, office, or both.

Begin typing the name of an agent in the Agent field to associate the Testimonial with an agent; the system will provide suggestions based on your input.

Choose an office from the dropdown list if you wish to associate the Testimonial with an office. You may opt to display each testimonial in 3 locations:

  • Designated Agent’s Profile/BIO Page

  • Designated Office Page

  • CMS Testimonials Page

  • "Front end?" is how the testimonials came into the system. Front end:Yes means the testimonials were filled from the front end of the page. Front end:No means it was entered in manually from the back end. 

The Display checkbox controls next to each will control whether this testimonial will be shown on each of the respective locations above.

They are checked by default – you can edit the testimonial and uncheck any of these boxes at any time to hide the text (this lets you keep the text for future use without having to add it again later).

To save your changes, click Create Testimonial to save your work.

Note: The /testimonials page will display selected testimonials dynamically. It will mirror the order set in the testimonials list. 

To allow users to fill out a testimonial, you can add a Testimonial Form to any page on your site under Content > Pages > Edit Page.