The Boston Logic platform’s Tasks tool allows back-end users to create action items with due dates in order to distribute work to others or manage their own work. Follow-up Tasks must be associated with a lead and must have a set completion time (the task must be set to be accomplished AT a specific time, as opposed to BY a specific time); custom tasks require only a due date.

Property Inquiries (the result of front-end use of the Contact an Agent tool) are automatically assigned to an agent as a task (to respond). If the lead that uses this tool is not assigned to an agent, the task will automatically get assigned to the primary broker account. When the lead is assigned, any tasks and events associated with the lead get re-assigned as well. You can read more about Events here.

When a lead signs up on your website or is manually assigned to an agent, the agent will receive an automatically generated follow-up task. This task is labeled as having been created by the primary broker account on your website. The agent has 24 hours to follow up with the lead before this task is overdue by default; to change the default due date for automated follow-up tasks or to disable the feature, go to Settings> Configuration >Leads.

Creating a Task

  1. Creating a Task can be done one of two ways:
  • Select the Quick Action Toolkit button at the top right of of your Dashboard, and click the "Task" button.
  • Select Tasks > My Open Tasks or Created Tasks > Click "New Task"           


        2. Choose task type: "Follow-Up" or “Task” (custom tasks can have any label you choose)

        3. Follow-Up Tasks require association with a lead already in the system

        4. Enter additional info; task name, due date, and assigned user are required; all other fields are optional

        5. Check the “Task Creator” box if you would like to receive an update via email every time this task is updated

        6. Check the “Assigned User’s Office Manager” box if you want the assigned user’s office manager to receive copies of update                 emails for this task

        7. Click “Create Task” to save changes and assign this task

Once a task has been created it will be available in the “Created tasks” table on your Dashboard. If you assign a task to another user, the user will receive an email indicating that a task has been assigned to them. This email contains a hyperlink to the full task details. If you assign a task to yourself, you will not receive an email update. Your ten tasks with the nearest dues dates will be shown on your Dashboard.

Updating a Task

Tasks can be updated as often as needed. All update comments are recorded in the full details section of the task; changes such as status require a comment. Any user who receives email updates for a task will be notified via email when a task note is created.

To update the status of a Task:

  1. Click the title of the Task on any Tasks tab (Created Tasks, My Open Tasks)

  2. Change Status using the Task Status dropdown

  3. Enter in any additional changes

  4. Click “Update Task” to save your changes

Editing a Task

Task information can be edited whenever a change is needed. Agents who have been assigned a task are not allowed to edit the task information; only the creator of the task, Office Manager of the user to whom the task is assigned, and any Brokers or Admins have access to edit assigned tasks. Agents may only edit the status of a task, and may add any comments desired.

To Edit a Task

  1. Click the title of the Task on any Tasks tab (Created Tasks, My Open Tasks)

  2. Click the “Edit Task” button in the upper right corner

  3. Edit information as needed (Ex. due date change, task name change, etc.)

  4. Click “Update Task” to save changes

My Open Tasks

To view all tasks that have been assigned to you and have not been completed, click the “My Open Tasks” sub-item under the Tasks tab. These tasks may have due dates in the future, present, or past.

All Tasks

Broker and Admin accounts have the ability to view all tasks assigned to all agents in the system. Tasks are sorted in this table by most recent due date. You can perform more detailed searches by clicking “Task Search” (upper right). Agent accounts only have access to their own tasks via the “All Tasks” sub-item; this shows all tasks assigned to the agent regardless of task status.

Searching for Tasks

  1. Click the “Task Search” sub-item under the Tasks tab, or the "Task Search" button on any Tasks window

  2. Enter your search criteria; click “Show Advanced Options” to refine your search as much as possible

  3. Click “Search” to find your desired Tasks

Saving a Task Report

After you have performed a Task Search, you can save your search as a report for future use. Saved reports are available in a dropdown of the "Saved Searches" on the New Task Search page. You may edit saved reports at any time, or delete a saved report if needed.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Perform a Task Search

  2. Enter a name for this report in the “Saved Report” text field at the top of the search results

  3. Click “Add” to save this report for future use

  • To delete a report, simply select the report from the dropdown list on the Task Search page to run the report, then click the “Remove Saved Search” which appears to the right of the Saved searched dropdown.