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Resources is a set of shared resources available to your agents when logged into the back end of your site. There are two tools available, Resources and Bulletin Board. Brokers can add items to these tools as well as view them; agents can only view and use the tools, and cannot create or edit them.



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Resources is document repository for commonly used documents your agents may need to employ, such as policy statements, memorandums, standard agreements, and more. Storing files here gives your agents easy remote access to any files they may require while at home or in the field.

To create a Resource:

  1. Click the Office Tools tab

  2. Click the Resources sub item

  3. Click “Create New” in the upper right corner of the view

  4. Create a title for the tool

  5. Enter a URL in the Link field if the tool is a link to a site on the Web

  6. Upload a document if the tool will be a document such as a PDF

  7. Click “Create” to save your Resource

Tip: If an agent is working in the field and has forgotten to bring any important paperwork, you can upload it to your Sales Tools section to give them instant access anywhere in the world.

Note – File types allowed for upload are:















Resources Permissions


Path: Admin>Resources


Admins and Brokers can now create user role and office level permissions for

  • Resource categories (/admin/resource_catergories)

  • Subcategories (admin/admin/resource_categories/new)

  • Individual tools (admin/resources)

When you create a new item you will see a section of the page that looks like this;

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Bulletin Board

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Bulletin Board is just that; a place to store basic information that anyone with access to your back end can see at a glance. This is a good place to type quick notes you intend for everyone in your office to view.

To add an item to the Bulletin Board or edit/delete an existing item:

  1. Click the Agent Tools tab

  2. Click the Bulletin Board sub item

  3. Click “Edit Content” just below the Bulletin Board title in the upper left

  4. Add, delete, or edit content as plain text

  5. Click “Update Content” in the lower left of the Bulletin Board editor to save changes

** All users are able to view the bulletin board, however only Brokers and Administrators have the ability to edit the content.