The Boston Logic platform comes with a standard system page which allows you to display your office(s) on the front end of your website. You can associate your agents and exclusive listings with individual offices if desired. Your Offices page is pre-loaded in the system, and has the path name /offices.

User-added image


User-added image

To add an office:

  1. Select “Office Tools”

  2. Click the sub-item “Offices”

  3. Select the “Create New Office” button in the upper right

  4. Fill in any information you wish to display for your office. Office name is the only required field.

  5. Select whether this office should be displayed on your Offices page, whether the office profile should display the Agents and/or Employees associated with the office, and whether any listings associated with the office should display on the front end of your site by checking the boxes on the right side of the Office setup page. These boxes are all checked by default.

  6. Click “Create Office” to save your office profile.

  7. You can link to your Offices page, or the profile page for any individual office, from any page of your site, as well as add the page/s to any menu. Please see the Content section of this guide for details on how to create hyperlinks and menu items. The page name for the Offices page is Offices, and the path is /Offices.

  8. You can add as many offices to your Offices page as you want; there is no limit.