How do I create a Market Insight using Market Reports?

  1. Login to the back end of your platform site and go to Reports > Market Insight            
  2. Click the button labeled “New Market Insight” 

       3. Name the Market Insight (Add optional content for Description or Region/List Group)

       4. Select, then Populate one of the four options to create this specific report:

                    a. Town/Neighborhood (defined by the MLS)

                    b. Area/County (defined by the MLS)

                    c. Zip Code (defined by the MLS)

                    d. Custom Neighborhood (defined by your Custom Neighborhoods)

        5. Click Create Market Insight

        6. You may now view this market insight at the following URL


1. Default Report

a. You may preset the first insight to appear by selecting that report from the Primary Insight dropdown menu (Reports > Market Insights)

2. Group Reports

a. You may group reports by completing the “Region/List Group” field found on each report set-up. (Grouping reports by area would be one example of this use)