Lead Messages are communications sent from yourself or another user of your website with leads in your Leads database. Creating a Lead Message can be done one of two ways:

  1. Locate and click the Quick Action toolkit (far upper right).
  2. Select "Tasks" on the main menu. Click "All Messages or Unread Messages" and click "New Message"

  •  Click the “Email” button when using the Quick Action Toolkit.

  • Choose a lead in your database, a subject, and add content to the body of the message, then click Send Message. You will be reminded on this page if you have not created an email signature; click the "Edit Your Profile" link on the New External       Message page to create an email signature.

To search for a Lead Message, use the "Message Keyword Search bar" in the upper right of the Quick Action Toolkit, or select "Tasks" on the main menu and click "Message Search".  This advanced search lets you drill down to specifics such as, which lead a Lead Message was sent to, when Lead Messages are sent, and keywords in the Lead Message body.