When viewing any list of leads, clicking a lead’s name will take you to their profile (details) page. Here you can edit information, reset the lead’s password, change lead status, and more.

Quick Event Buttons

The purple button shown at the far right above the name on any lead details page are quick event buttons that you can use to record common interactions with a lead with one click. They will be added to the lead’s event history with the event name and timestamp. Once the event has been added you can add more information if desired at any point. For example, if you click the “Left Voicemail” button, you can access the lead’s event history to add what was said in the message. The events will always be attributed to the person who clicked the quick event button. 

Sending a Message to a Lead 

To send any lead a message, simply click the “Actions” button (located at the top right on the lead details page), and select "Send Message". Add a title and body content and click “Send Message” to send. 

Resetting Lead’s Password

A lead is able to reset their own password by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login page of your website. However, you can also reset it from the lead’s details page if need be. The lead will not receive a notification that their password has been reset; you must notify them of this change. This can be achieved by clicking on the "Actions" Button and selecting "Reset Password" from the dropdown.

Editing Lead Information

To update or edit a lead’s information, click the “Edit Lead” button in the upper right of the lead’s details page. This will allow you to add additional personal information, additional email addresses, and updated sales information if need be. If you change a lead’s status, this will be reflected in all lead tables.

Tip: Leads are classified as “New” until you specify otherwise. 


Lead Details Categories

Each lead’s details page is segmented into categories represented with individual tabs, which reveal useful information regarding a lead. Click each tab to review the information in each category:

Lead Info

Lead Info displays all personal and sales information about a lead including contact information, additional email accounts, sales info, and status. Personal information is visible to the lead in their account as well as their assigned agent and all brokers on the lead’s details page. To edit a lead’s information, click the “Edit Lead” button in the upper right of the lead’s details page.

This section can be used to note the type of property the lead is interested in, their price range and move-in timeframe, and any relevant data pertinent to the sales cycle. This tool is especially useful for keeping track of the important dates in your leads’ sales cycles, such as closing dates and P&S due dates. 

Lead Notes

Lead Notes will allow you to add notes about the leads that will only be viewable by yourself or a Broker/Admin.


The "Activity” tab is segmented into 3 parts 

  • Search Activity

    Shows any search activity a lead has performed and all properties the lead has viewed, regardless of whether the lead has saved them to their account. 

  • Toolbar Activity

    This section shows which system tools the lead has used; here you will see a complete history of agent contacts, scheduled showings, emailed listings, and any property notes. 

  • Form Submissions

    This section shows any contact or dynamic form submissions a lead may have filled out on the site.


Leads can elect to save searches as well as individual listings to the “Favorites” section of their account on the front end of your website. Both agents and leads can see this information. These are editable only by leads, not agents, to prevent accidental interruption of the user experience. Select this tab to see which listings and search criteria your leads are most interested in on your website.

Tip: If a lead has not signed up for daily email updates, agents can use a lead’s Favorite Properties and Favorite Searches to determine what search criteria to configure daily email updates with. 

Saved Searches 

Leads can sign up on your website for daily email updates containing new or updated property listings that meet their search criteria. The email update search criteria they save can be viewed by selecting the email updates. Brokers and the lead’s assigned agent can change the search parameters that the lead has set if desired, and can add as many additional daily email update search criteria sets as needed. A maximum of two emails are sent per day; one for sales and one for rentals (if applicable). Each email contains all results for any search related to that listing type (sales or rentals). These emails are sent once per day only if listings, which match the search criteria, are newly listed or updated. Any property that is newly listed or updated within the past 24 hours will be included. A lead may make changes to their email update criteria at any time by logging into your website and visiting their “My Account” page

Setting up Daily Email Updates for a lead: 


Setting up Daily Email Updates for a lead:

  1. Select the “Saved Searches” tab
  2. Click the “ Create New Daily Search” button (for either Sales or Rentals)
  3. Name the search and enter search criteria
  4. Click the “Create Search” button to save changes (top far right)

To send search results to a lead right away, click the “Send all searches to (lead) right now” button. All listings which match the search criteria will be sent, not just those which are new or recently updated.

Tip: you can choose to send daily email updates to a lead even if they have not chosen to receive them on their own. Follow the above procedure for any lead in your system and make sure to check the box labeled “Send daily email updates”. 



From within this tab, you have the ability to share documents with a lead. Simply name the document, choose the file from your computer and choose “Upload Document”. The document will then be available for the lead to download when they log in. 

Events & Tasks

These tabs allow you to view any upcoming or past events and tasks associated with a lead. All tasks are color- keyed according to due date; a legend is shown above the tasks table. This list can include events or tasks that were assigned to an agent other than the lead’s assigned agent. This is often the case when a lead has been assigned to other users in the past. Events and Tasks can be edited or viewed by simply clicking the task or event title. To learn more about Events and Tasks, please read the corresponding sections of this guide.

Tip: When you schedule an event for a lead, the event shows up on your dashboard on the day of the event. Schedule a phone call, showing, or meeting, and the Sequoia system will display ahead of time so you never miss an event. Plus, any notes you take regarding the event are saved; so viewing the history of Events for a lead can give you even more insight into the sales cycle. 



The “Messages” tab shows all messages that have been sent to, or taken regarding, the lead. Messages are shown here with a timestamp; clicking the message subject will allow you to view the complete message details. 


Showing Sheets and Listings Emailed

Listings that are emailed to a lead or added to a showing sheet for a lead are recorded here. This allows you to easily reference which properties you have sent to each lead. 


Email Marketing

This tab will display any LogicReach lists, newsletters or drip campaigns that this lead is assigned to. You can also assign the lead to lists individually here. 


Market Insight Updates

This tab will allow you to subscribe the lead to Market Insights. 


Lead History

This tab will display the entire history of the lead from creation until the present. Any change in assignment, status change, change in priority etc. will be tracked and displayed here.