Path: Leads > Contacts

A Contact is usually a person who will not be purchasing or selling property, and therefore will not need all of the backend functionality of a Lead. 

Think of Contacts as people you will be doing business with, such as other realtors, home inspectors, electricians, etc. 

Contacts can be manually created, synced from Google, imported in bulk, or created when a duplicate Lead entry exists in the system.

1. Go to Leads > Contacts 

2. Select "Add Contact" to create a new contact. 

3. Fill out the required information (first name, last name, email, contact information, etc.). Unlike Leads, you can add a job title, company and category for your contacts for easy sorting. 

**Optional: You can also bulk update Leads and convert them to Contacts by going to:

Leads > My Leads > Select leads you'd like to convert > Select "Add to Contacts" from the dropdown below