Path: Marketing > Campaigns > Create Event > Single Email 

1. Go to Marketing > Campaigns 

2. Click “Create Campaign.”

3. Select a campaign type, "Single Email Campaign."

4. Name the campaign and select the Lists to which you would like to send the email event to.

5. Select the Email Subject line, then pick how you'd like the email to appear in your viewers inbox. Lastly, pick a delivery date/time. 

TIP: The "Send Annually" check box allows you to automatically send this same Layout to that same List every year. This is great for birthdays, holidays, etc.

5. Select the template for the Newsletter. Either pick a pre-existing template or create a new one. Please follow the steps below to create a new template 

  • Name your new Template, add a subject line. Select your template from the options or create one from scratch. 

  • Click on the template to preview each layout and see which will work best for your email event.

  • Once you've selected a layout, plug in your desired information and content. Feel free to add a listing to two to your new template!

  • Preview and review your template.

6. Find your new template and add it to your email event. 

7. Review the single email event. Make any final revisions or save as a draft for later edits. 

8. Once you are satisfied with your Newsletter, hit activate.  

**Brokers will have the option to choose a sender as well as set it as company or personal.