Import Your Existing Leads to Easily Manage & Track Your Relationships From One Location

Make your work flow easier by managing all your leads from the Skyline platform. Track all your correspondences, the properties you’ve showed, what properties they are viewing, and more. Never forget to follow-up with a lead again!

If you have a large number of leads saved in Google or another location, you can easily import them to your Skyline lead management account with the Lead Import tool. To import your leads, follow these steps: 

  1. Select the “Leads” tab on the back end of your website and Click the “Import” sub- item.


  1. Choose an import type by selecting from the dropdown menu- "CSV Import or Google Import”; follow the prompts to find the file on your computer. 

    • If you wish to add the imported leads to an email list, choose an Email List from dropdown menu- “Add to Marketing List”

    • If you wish to assign the imported leads to an Agent, choose an Agent from the dropdown menu- "Assign to Agent"
  2. Use your own CSV file and use the Boston Logic Lead Mapper tool, or download our sample CSV Import Template
    • For exporting a Google CSV file, follow these instructions from Google.
    • For downloading our sample CSV Import Template, follow the instructions shown in the template CSV carefully and remember to delete the instructions after adding your leads, or the template will not import successfully.

Note: Duplicate leads will now import into the platform as a Contacts.