Inserting / Editing Links (Includes Internal and External Linking)

There are three different types of hyperlinks you can add to your site. The first one is an external link. This will link to a website other than your own. The second type is a “mailto”link, or link to an email address; when someone clicks a mailto link, it will open a new message in your default email program with the recipient automatically set. The last type is an internal link, which is a link to a page within your website. An example would be text which reads “Click here to read more about our team” linking to your Agents page. To create an external link or mailto link, follow this procedure:

  1. Select an image or text by highlighting it (all content) or clicking it (images only) in the editing view

  2. Click the Link tool icon

  3. To make the link direct to a URL (external link), paste the URL you want the text or image to link to in the URL field and then click “OK”

  4. To make text or an image link to an email, in the Link Type dropdown, select “Email.” Fill out all of the necessary fields, then click “OK”

** Note: To have the URL open in a new window, after inserting the URL into the text box, select the tab “Target.” Select the Target dropdown and choose “Open in a New Window.”

User-added image


Creating an Internal Link

  1. Select an image or text by highlighting or right-clicking it in the editing view

  2. Choose the page you want to link to from your list of pages. Highlight and copy the page’s path name. Ex. For the “About” page, copy “/about”. Make sure you only copy the portion of the path AFTER “.com” – so in the above example, the full URL would be“” but you would only copy “/about”

  3. Click the Link tool icon

  4. Paste the copied path into the URL field. This will make the protocol change to other

  5. Click OK

** Note: You can enter your full domain name plus path to internally link, however if you change your domain name for any reason, you will have to go through your site and edit all internal hyperlinks. It is not advisable to do this, since your staging site will have a different URL than your live site. Only copy the portion of the URL which follows “.com” to avoid this.