Path: Marketing > Campaigns > Create Campaign > Drip Campaign > Select 

1. Go to Marketing > Campaigns > Drip Campaign.

2. Click “Select”

3. Name the Campaign.

4. Select the lists to which you would like the campaign to be sent. Hit next.

5. Fill out the first email event information.6. Select "Choose Template."

7. You can add a preexisting template, a Boston Logic template, or you can create a brand new template.

8. If selecting "Create Template" follow these steps:

  • Name your template
  • Select a default subject (what your recipients see when they view your email in their inbox) 
  • Choose a layout 
  • Add properties to your template
  • Hit save
  • Repeat steps for the other emails you'd like to send in your drip campaign

9. Name your email and choose an email subject line.

  • Select the sender from the dropdown list (who it appears to be sending the email)
  • Select Contact's agent information if email is being sent to any contacts (who it appears to be sending the email)

10. Set the send delay for the Event. You have the option of: hours, days, weeks, and months.

  • Brokers have the options to set the sender of the event.

11. Repeat steps 5-8 until the desired number of email events have been added.

12. Select "Review Campaign" and preview the emails before activating

13. When satisfied with your campaign, hit "activate" or you can save the campaign as a draft and send it later. 

    **Brokers have the option to create drip campaigns as company or personal.