Path: Marketing > Lists > Create List 

1. Go to Email Marketing > Lists

2. Click create New List

3. Name the list and add an optional description

4. If you are a broker you will be given the option of Company or Personal

5. Click "add people to this list."

Now that the list has been created, you will need to add leads to it. This can be done in several ways:

I. Individually via the list

• In order to ad this click on the list’s name in Marketing > Lists

• Under the Add a lead menu search a lead’s name and select them from the type ahead

• Click the Add Button.

User-added image

II. Individually from the Lead information page

• Go to Leads > My Leads

• Click on a lead’s name

• Go to the Email Marketing Tab

• Here all of the lists will be shown check off all of the lists you wish to add the lead to

• Click Add.

III. Add a Bulk Amount of leads to a list

• Go to Leads > My Leads

• Check all of the leads that you wish to add to the list

• On the Bulk Update Leads Dropdown Menu Select “Add to List”

• Select the List on the Dropdown that appears

• Click Update

IV. Add Leads to a List Upon Bulk Import

• Go to Leads > Import

• Download the .CSV template

• Follow the directions in the template explicitly

• When the template is completed return to your browser window

• On the add to marketing list dropdown choose new list or existing list

    - New list allows you to create a new list with the imported leads

• Select the list that you would like the imported leads to be added to.

• Click the choose file link and select your .CSV template

• Click the “Import Leads” button