Path: Marketing > Lists > Create List 

1. Go to Email Marketing > Lists

2. Click create New List

3. Name the list and add an optional description

4. If you are a broker you will be given the option of Company or Personal

    4a.) A Company List is intended for all users. Agents can see these lists and add their leads to them
    4b.) A Personal List is intended for individual agents. You can select this if you're building a list on behalf of one of your agents
    4c.) Broker/Admin Only hides the list from agents and only a Broker's Leads can be added to this list.
    4d.) If you are an Agent, your list will automatically be created as a "Personal" list.

5. Click "add people to this list."

Now that the list has been created, you will need to add leads to it. This can be done in several ways:

I. Individually via the list

• In order to ad this click on the list’s name in Marketing > Lists

• Under the Add a lead menu search a lead’s name and select them from the type ahead

• Click the Add Button.

User-added image

II. Individually from the Lead information page

• Go to Leads > My Leads

• Click on a lead’s name

• Go to the Email Marketing Tab

• Here all of the lists will be shown check off all of the lists you wish to add the lead to

• Click Add.

III. Add a Bulk Amount of leads to a list

• Go to Leads > My Leads

• Check all of the leads that you wish to add to the list

• On the Bulk Update Leads Dropdown Menu Select “Add to List”

• Select the List on the Dropdown that appears

• Click Update

IV. Add Leads to a List Upon Bulk Import

• Go to Leads > Import

• Download the .CSV template

• Follow the directions in the template explicitly

• When the template is completed return to your browser window

• On the add to marketing list dropdown choose new list or existing list

    - New list allows you to create a new list with the imported leads

• Select the list that you would like the imported leads to be added to.

• Click the choose file link and select your .CSV template

• Click the “Import Leads” button

IV. Via Smart Lists