Search Pages are pages with unique content you create (such as helpful information about an area) and dynamic search results you control by setting criteria when building the page. The information on these pages can be what you would tell someone looking for a new home in the area in question; you can talk about the demographics of the area, the great amenities, the architecture, the public transportation – anything you think clients would find useful or interesting. In addition, information on properties in the area such as average price, number of properties on market, and more is automatically added to the page. 

1. Select the Content tab on the back end of your website

2. Click the “Search Pages” sub menu item

  • Select “New Search Page” in the upper right of the Search Pages table

  • Choose which page you will be using as your new Search Page. If you need to create a new page, please see the Creating a Page section of this guide. Note: Entering original content (not copied from anywhere else) to a Search Page will increase your search engine rankings. Search Pages are designed for maximum search engine optimization; add as much unique original content as you can to take advantage of this!

  • Choose whether this page will show search results from your rentals database (if you have one) or your MLS. If you have multiple MLS services, choose which one you want this Search Page to search. Listing information from your chosen data source is refreshed daily 

  • Enter the search parameters you wish to define the listings shown on this page. You can choose standard search criteria such as location or locations and price range, as well as keywords to search for, individual MLS listing IDs, even a mapped search which lets you draw the boundaries of your search on an interactive map for sales searches 

  • After you have entered your desired criteria, click “Create” to save your changes

  • All Search pages are automatically listed in the order that you created them in the Search Pages table

3. To edit Search Page search criteria, click “Edit” in the editing menu next to the page title in the Search Pages table. Save your settings after making changes by clicking “Update”

**Note: We recommend that you do not delete Search pages. Once you delete a page, you are not able to recover it from the system. 

Displaying Search Pages on your Website

There are 3 ways to add links to a Search page to your website; adding a menu item to the Search Pages menu, adding a menu item to any standard navigation menu, or adding an internal link to the page in any content block. To add a link to a Search Page to any standard navigation menu, please read the instructions on using Menus elsewhere in this guide. To add an internal link to a Search Page, please read the instructions on adding hyperlinks to page body content on To add a Search Page menu item to the dedicated Search Pages menu, follow these steps: 

1. Select the Content tab on the back end of your website and click the “Menus” sub-item

2. Scroll to the Search Pages menu and click the edit tool User-added image

3. Add “Menu Text” (the title of the menu item as it will be displayed on your website


4. Select the page you want to link to from the drop down under “Page”

5. Click “Create” and your menu item will be added to the Search Pages Menu on the footer of all pages of your website