Path: Leads > Custom Fields

Custom lead fields will allow you to create a custom, searchable lead field that will show up for all leads.

1)   Login to back ned of Skyline and go to Leads > Custom Fields.

2)   On this page you can select from several types of fields to make

  1. Text Field (a single line text box)

  2. Text Area (a multi line text box)

  3. Select (a drop down menu with the populated items)

  4. Check Box (a single check box)

  5. Check Box Group (a group of check boxes)

  6. Radio Button Select (multiple options that allow a single choice)

  7. Time Select (a time field)

  8. Date Select (a date field)

  9. Datetime Select (a date and time field)

3)   Two things to note when creating these fields:

  1. Selecting “Required” makes the field required for lead sign up

  2. Selecting “Display on Front-end?” makes this field available for leads to fill out this information on sign up or on their profile page.

4)   Please note that this is only available on parent sites, and these fields will automatically be pushed to any affiliated agent and office sites.