Path: Content > Pages > Create CMS Page 

  1. Select the Content tab on the back end of your website

  2. The Pages sub-item opens by default

  3. Click “Create New” in the upper right of the pages table

  4. Enter, at a minimum, the following information:

    1. Page Name

    2. URL Path (Ex. For the “About” page, this would be “/about”. Make sure you only fill in the portion of the path AFTER “.com” – so in the above example, the full URL would

    3. be “” but you would only enter “/about” here

    4. Page Header

    5. Body Content

    6. Meta Data

  5. Select or Deselect “Lead Modal Capture”. Turning this on will generate a "pop-up" for visitors to sign in or create an account with your site. This capture will generate more leads. 

  6. To add a dynamic form to the page, select the form you wish to add from the Form dropdown

  7. If you do not want to display a quick search form on the page, check the “Hide Quick Search” box located by expanding “Sidebar” 

  8. To add a sidebar menu, select the sidebar menu you want to add. To learn how to create a sidebar menu, see the instructions on creating a sidebar menu here

  9. Click the “Create” button to save your changes Entering and editing page content is fast and easy with the LogicCMS content editor. You can add text, images, Flash animation, hyperlinks, and more, and can edit the content at any time. Changing fonts, editing images and links, and many other important functions are simple – and the tools are designed to be as easy to learn and use as possible. 

If at any point you need to roll back to a previous version of a page, simply do the following:

  1. Select the Content tab on the back end of your website

  2. The Pages sub-item is selected by default

  3. Click “Page Content History” in the editing tool menu next to any page on the table shown

  4. Click “Rollback to this version” next to any previously saved version of the page to revert to this version 

Tip: if you are entering content from another document (copying and pasting) be sure to copy and paste your content into Notepad, then copy and paste the content from there. This clears any HTML formatting from the original document.