Paths: Leads > My leads > Create new lead

Paths: Quick action toolbar > Add new lead 

You can add new leads manually at any time – for example, if you get a referral over the phone, or a walk-in customer.

TIP: Keeping ALL OF YOUR LEADS in the Boston Logic Skyline Platform helps to organize all of your customers in ONE PLACE and gives you access to all of the functionality you need to help you manage your leads, track activity, and close more deals!

To start, click the “New Lead” button in the Quick Actions toolset at the top of any page on the back end of your website, shown here:

With this form open, you can enter all of the pertinent information about your new lead. If you will be setting this lead up for daily property updates, make sure you check the boxes labeled “Receive Daily Sales Search Emails” and“Receive Daily Rentals Search Emails” (if you work with a separate rentals database such as You Got Listings).

Once you have all of your lead’s information entered (the minimum amount you need is a first name, last name, email address, and, if your company requires it, telephone number). Click “Create Lead” at the top right of this screen to save your lead and begin working with them in the Skyline Platform.