Inserting and Editing Images

You may add as many images as you like to any page on your website, as well as easily apply the same picture to multiple pages.

  1. Follow the steps to create a new page shown here

  2. Click the Insert/Edit Image tool icon

  3. Click on the “Browse Server” tab

  4. Click on “Upload”  and browse your computer. Select the picture you would like to add, then click "open" once selected

  5. Click on “Send it to the Server”. The URL of the image location on the server will now appear in the URL field

  6. If desired, add any additional styling (spacing, alignment, etc.)

  7. Click OK to save your changes

  8. Your image will now appear in the body content of this page

To edit an image already added to a page

  1. Select the Content tab on the back end of your site; the Pages sub-item opens by default

  2. Select the image you wish to edit by clicking or highlighting it

  3. Click  or right click for Image Properties

  4. Change the width, height, or position of the image using the fields on the lower left of the Image Properties window; a small preview is shown on the lower right of the window

  5. When you are satisfied with the position and size of your image, click OK to finalize the edit

  6. Click the “Update” button on the lower left of the page editor to submit your edits

Tip: Once you have added an image, you can edit it directly from the body content without selecting the image editing tool. Click on the image to select it, then right-click the image and choose “image properties” from the dropdown menu. Make your changes as desired, and then click “OK”. You can also delete an image by clicking on the image to select it, then hitting your backspace or delete key

To learn how to make an image an active hyperlink, see the section Inserting/Editing Links elsewhere in this guide.