Advanced Lead Distribution

This feature lets Boston Logic screen leads for you, just like an office lead manager.

It assigns leads to the appropriate agents based on the property the lead inquires about. With this feature enabled, every user on your Boston Logic site (who has a lead management account) can set criteria for leads they want to receive, by price range, locations, and property type.

If you have one agent who specializes in rentals, an admin can set up the agent’s profile to get assigned only rental leads. If nobody on your team is a match for what a lead is looking for, an admin can choose to either have them remain unassigned, let agents grab them, or have them automatically assigned by round-robin. 

1.) Login into the back end of your Boston Logic Platform site and go to Settings > Configuration.

2.) Click on the “Lead” on the configuration page.

3.) Under the “Lead Settings” heading check off “Advanced Lead Distribution Enabled.” (This allows for advanced lead information to be set up on the agent level)

4.) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save Settings.”

5.) In order to set criteria for agents/brokers go to Office Tools > Agents and Brokers.

6.) Click the edit pencil button on an account that has Lead Management enabled.

7.) Scroll down to the “Advanced Lead Distribution Header.”

8.) Check off “Has Advanced Lead Distribution for Sales” and/or “Has Advanced Lead Distribution for Rentals.”

9.) Set the criteria for the lead assignment in the areas that appear. 

User-added image

Please note that lead assignment via advanced lead distribution works as follows:

The system looks to see if a lead satisfies all criteria set for an agent(s) and assigns the lead randomly to one of the matching accounts.

If the lead does not satisfy total criteria for any agents with advanced lead distribution enabled, the system then looks to see if they partially satisfy criteria and assigns the randomly, selecting from the pool of agents that have partial criteria for the lead.

10.) Click the “Update Broker/Agent” button.