1. Click the Content tab on the back end of your website

  2. Select the Pages sub-item; find the page you wish to add a table to and click Edit

  3. In the Content Management editor (the toolset shown above the body content field), click Insert/Edit Table

  4. Define your table’s parameters such as row and column height, overall dimensions, cell spacing and padding, alignment, etc.

  5. Enter 0 for either border or cushion if you do not want one

  6. Select a header type (row/column/both) if you wish to add title/s to your rows and columns

  7. * This is helpful if you are trying to align images with text, or produce lists that do not appear as if they are in a table

  8. Click “OK” and your table will appear in the body of your page

  9. Enter content to cells by typing it or pasting it directly into the cells

  10. You can edit the content of a cell at any time in an Editor tool by right-clicking the cell and choosing from the list of options provided – just like in Microsoft Excel

  11. Cell Properties will include the following features

    1. Alignment

    2. Background / Border color

    3. Text wrapping

    4. Width / height

    5. Row / Column span

Cell properties in the table can be similarly edited; just right-click the cell you want to work with to begin. Select “cell properties” from the dropdown menu, and then modify the cell. You can edit alignment, background/border colors, text wrapping, width and height, and row/column span.