Property > Sales Exclusives

Sales Exclusives is a convenient place to manage your exclusive properties for sale. This list automatically populates with any properties your office or agents have listed for sale in your MLS. You can search for properties here, choose which properties to display on your website regardless of listing status, and edit additional information (outside of the content of your MLS listing) pertinent to the property. This includes listing sheets, floor plans, and websites specific to the property. The Boston Logic Platform automatically provides a printable listing sheet on the front end of your site so that users can print details on your exclusive properties. If you upload your own listing sheet for any property, this file will replace the system default and will be shown to your leads as the printable version.

There are two Display check boxes shown: “Featured Page Display” and “Display Elsewhere”. Check the“Featured Page Display” box to show this listing on your Featured Properties page. Check the “Display Elsewhere” box to display this listing anywhere else on your site where featured properties are shown. Depending on your theme, this can include your home page, sidebars, and other locations.

Tip: Any files you add for an exclusive listing, such as floor plans and listing sheets, must be in PDF format.

To edit a Sales Exclusive

  1. Click the Sales Exclusives sub item under the Property tab

  2. Click “Edit” next to the address of the property you wish to edit

  3. Add, edit, or remove files or URLs from the listing

  4. Click “Update” to save your changes

Tip: The “Display Property” checkbox next to each address controls whether the property appears on your site or remains hidden from public view.

All of your uploaded files will be shown on your listing’s details page on the front end of your website for users and leads to view and download.