Path: Tasks > Action Plans

Agents, Brokers and Admins now have the ability to create an “Action Plan.” An Action Plan is essentially a template for a course of action an agent should follow after interacting with leads and properties, or creating and closing deals.


Admins and Brokers have the ability to create company wide action plans that can be applied to all agents.  They will also have the ability to create a personal action plan for a specific agent. 


When a plan is applied, it looks at all the tasks within that plan and creates a new task for the lead/property/deal combination. This task will then appear on the dashboard of the assigned agent with a timetable laid out by the action plan.


Action plans can be applied to:

  • A lead, by going to the lead's detail page and choosing an action plan from the "Assign Action Plan" drop down 

  • A lead-property combo through an Admin's "Property Details page" 

  • A Deal through the deals page. (This automatically generates the lead from that deal)

  • A Marketing List, by going to Email Marketing>Lists and creating a new list or editing an existing one

  • An Agent can be assigned an action plan from Admins and Brokers. Admins and Brokers can also assign the plan to themselves. 

  • An Agent can also apply a plan to themselves


Creating a new Action Plan

1.) Go to Tasks > Action Plan

2.) Click the "New Action Plan"

3.) Name the Action Plan and select personal or company

4.) Add tasks to the action plan

5.) Name the Tasks and set due date for the individual tasks

6.) Click create Action plan

7.) In order to apply a created Action plan to a lead go to My Leads > Lead’s Name > Tasks

8.) Choose the action plan from the Apply Action Plan and then select an agent name from the Choose an Assignee menu

9.) Click Apply and the tasks in the action plan will now appear in the open tasks for the lead.

10.) You can add action plans to properties, by doing a back end property search by going to Property > Sales Search and searching for a listing. Select  the property, and on the top of the listing info page you will be able to apply an action plans to the property.

11.) You can also apply an action plan to a marketing list, by creating a new list and associating an action plan to it, or creating a new list with the action plan associated to it. This will automatically create the follow-up tasks for a lead when they are added to the list.